Promoting a Vision for Effingham County


What is PAVE?

Promoting a Vision for Effingham County is a participant-driven strategic visioning and planning process where local leaders and citizen volunteers create a long-range vision for the future of Effingham County and a plan of action for achieving it.


Our Vision

A transportation hub located at the 57 and 70 Interstate junction, Effingham County, the “Crossroads of Opportunity”, is composed of fifteen townships that are rich in tradition, faith, entrepreneurial spirit, and philanthropic efforts.

In partnership with city governments and educational systems, Effingham County provides a thriving economy that supports a robust workforce, business opportunities, and offers a variety of housing and childcare options for its growing population. With a focus on the family, Effingham County is the leader in parks and recreation offering a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, family-friendly entertainment, events, and festivals.

Be a part of Promoting a Vision for Effingham County to join together with other like-minded individual to make these goals happen.


  • Workforce & Education – Effingham’s thriving economy is supported by a robust workforce that matches the needs of the spectrum of businesses in Effingham County including manufacturing, retail, and services. Students and educational institutions are strongly supported from preschool to university.  The community is actively engaged in exposing students to the whole gamut of career options and creating training opportunities for students that meet the needs of local employers.
  • Housing Development – Effingham provides a variety of housing options to accommodate a growing population.  The diverse housing base meets the needs and budgets of residents and newcomers throughout their lives.
  • Childcare– Effingham County is known for its world-class childcare options. Parents have a variety of choices for their children that fit the needs of each family’s schedules and budgets.
  • Entertainment/Festivals/Events – Families travel from throughout the region to visit Effingham County with its wide variety of family-friendly entertainment, events, activities, and festivals.  Effingham offers a variety of entertainment options year-round in high quality indoor and outdoor venues.
  • Parks and Recreation– Effingham County is the cutting-edge leader in parks and recreation.  County residents and visitors enjoy a variety of lovely parks facilities to enjoy the out of doors and gain an appreciation for nature.  In addition, these high-quality modern parks and sporting facilities provide many opportunities for exercise and play.

Join an Action Team

Each goal will have an action team working to achieve it. In order for the team to be successful, we need YOU!

PAVE - Promoting a Vision for Effingham County
What goal best represents your vision for the future of Effingham County? (check all that apply)
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