(Louisville, IL) – Wabash is proud to announce the recipients of the 2024 Wabash Communications CO-OP Scholarship and the John Andrews Memorial Scholarship. This year, a total of $22,000 has been awarded to 20 outstanding high school students from nine different high schools within our service area.

These scholarships are a testament to our commitment to supporting the educational pursuits of young individuals in our community. Each recipient has demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, leadership qualities, and a dedication to their communities.

The following students have been selected as the 2024 Wabash Scholarship winners:

· Harrison Arnold, Flora High School

· Miah Ballard, North Clay High School

· Melissa Brummer, Teutopolis High School

· Cecilia Choate, Wayne City High School

· Aubrey Churchill, Cisne High School

· Alexander Clements, Cisne High School

· Alayna Czyzewski, North Clay High School

· Alexandria Denning-Garcia, Flora High School

· Jillian Green, Salem High School

· Andre Maguet, Wayne City High School

· Elena Niebrugge, Effingham High School

· Emery Oesch, Flora High School

· Adam Parks, Mt. Vernon High School

· Kendyll Schoonover, Effingham High School

· Jaden Schwarzlose, Edwards County High School

· Madyson Slover, Flora High School

· Paris Van Dyke, North Clay High School

· Alexis Vandyke, North Clay High School

· Jackson Jarrett, Salem High School

· Kelli Knight, Salem High School

Wabash congratulates each of these students for their hard work and dedication. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities, and we are honored to support these young scholars as they continue their educational journeys.

For more information about the Wabash Communications CO-OP Scholarship program, please visit our website at www.wabash.net/scholarships/ or contact our office at info@wabash.coop.


Link for individual images: SCHOLARSHIPS

Cisne High School (L-R): Clint Holkenbrink, Marketing Coordinator, Aubrey Churchill, & Alex Clements

Edwards County High School (L-R): Larry Washburn, Board of Director, Jaden Schwarzlose, Clint Holkenbrink, Marketing Coordinator.

Effingham High School: The images are labeled with their name.

Flora High School (L-R): Dwight Edgington, former Board of Director, Madyson Slover, Harrison Arnold, Emery Oesch, Alexandria Denning-Garcia, & Clint Holkenbrink, Marketing Coordinator

Mt. Vernon High School (L-R): Brittany Smithenry, Marketing Coordinator, Adam Parks, & Clint Holkenbrink, Marketing Coordinator

Salem High School (L-R): Brittany Smithenry, Marketing Coordinator & Jillian Green Not pictured: Jackson Jarrett & Kelli Knight

Teutopolis High School (L-R): Melissa Brummer & Brittany Smithenry, Marketing Coordinator

North Clay High School (L-R): Alexis VanDyke, Miah Ballard, Clint Holkenbrink, Marketing Coordinator, Alayna Czyzewski, & Paris VanDyke