The Effingham County Chamber Foundation announced the Effingham County Job Opportunities for Business Success (EC-JOBS) web-based platform in August.  To launch this new initiative, the Chamber Foundation and EC-JOBS is kicking off a Founding Donor Campaign through October 31, 2021.

EC-JOBS was created specifically for Effingham County school districts, businesses, and Lake Land College.  It creates a talent pipeline from school to work for high school students, community college students, parents, displaced workers, and incumbent workers.

EC-JOBS asks that you or your company consider making a gift to join an exclusive group who are championing the objective to prepare students for the workforce.  Donating $1,000+ to the EC-JOBS mission will help bolster continued excellence in our community.

All proceeds will aid our local Effingham County residents and businesses by providing future workers the skills to be successful.  Donate before October 31, 2021, to be recognized as an EC-JOB Founding Donor.

More information about EC-JOBS can be found online at, or by calling Workforce Development Director, Jeff Fritchtnitch at (217) 342-6284 or Chamber President & CEO, Lucinda Hart at (217) 342-4147.


About the Effingham County Chamber
Founded in 1917, the Effingham County Chamber is the county’s leading advocate and champion for business.  The Chamber works to create a climate of growth and success in our community by providing leadership opportunities as well as volunteer programs and business-building initiatives that focus on the critical priorities of Effingham County businesses.  By leveraging the support, talent, and resources of our members, the Effingham County Chamber is leading efforts to achieve business success and community growth.


About the Chamber Foundation of Effingham County
The Chamber Foundation of Effingham County is the philanthropic arm of the Effingham County Chamber.  The purpose is to promote education, social and civic awareness in Effingham County.  The Chamber Foundation of Effingham County is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization.