Owner of Legacy Harley-Davidson, Paul Gutman has acquired a new dealership in Rochester,
Minnesota. Rochester was where Paul grew up so the opportunity to purchase the dealership
from John and Judy McGuire of Rochester Harley-Davidson was a wonderful opportunity.

Paul was quoted in saying, ““I’m looking forward to continuing the McGuire’s legacy by continuing
to support the customers while being involved in the community. I want to do that in an
honorable way. John and Judy have been great to work with throughout the process of the
transition. I believe we will continue to have a lasting relationship. This is a family driven area
that supports the community and the riders in the Rochester area, I’m looking forward to being
back home. My parents still live in Rochester. I like to visit them frequently. I also see friends
that I graduated from high school with, but in this case, to come home because of the new
dealership, my passion for Harley-Davidson and to an area where I like to ride is very fulfilling. I
will enjoy the Mississippi River and southeastern Minnesota on a bike. I look forward to exploring
some back roads and a few of the state parks that are in this part of the country. I don’t mind the
weather either. Just coming back home is going to mean a lot and it’s hard to put that into

The new dealership will be called Back Home Harley-Davidson and will involve many promotions
and events to make Back Home Harley-Davidson a true destination.

Paul continued,“Being actively involved in my community is something I feel very strongly about.
At Legacy Harley-Davidson in Effingham, Illinois we have frequent events to support the local
community through various channels and organizations. These events are a great way to make
new friends and see old ones, to interact with customers, show our support to our people, and
be involved with issues that we feel strongly about. I look forward to being in Rochester together,
where we will support the Harley-Davidson riders and the communities they live in.”

Paul will continue having a strong presence and purpose in Effingham with Legacy HarleyDavidson and Legacy Recreational Vehicles and he and partner, Nondas Hamlin will continue to
live in the Effingham area.

Details about the grand opening are coming soon at Back Home Harley-Davidson, but Gutman
plans to launch a soft opening after taking over in late January.